Last Call Sales


Located near our Pick 6 and our accessories-gift selections, we have approximately 30 products that have headed to LAST CALL.   These products are being closed out from their rightful homes in vodkas, tequilas, white or red wines, and even beers, etc.

To help these products find new homes, we are extending 15% off the original price.  Please visit with our staff to see the current available products



Every day we walk our stores trying to find the next big deal to pass along to you.  Example, we have run Pinnacle Vodka 1.75 (half-gallons) for $16.29 before... not now...
that crazy person to try that special is still re-cooperating from injuries from customers that ran him over trying to get to them.

We will use this web page to share with you a few of our many monthly deals so come back often!


Barefoot Bubbly (Extra-Dry only), normally $12.29, this month only $9.99
Las Alamos tequilas, all 3 types on sale for a minimum of $4 off a 750ml.   (Blanco is only $19.99 after sale discount)
Rodney Strong Sonoma County varietals - all for $3 off a 750ml.   Grab a Merlot or Cabernet for $16.99, a Chardonnay for $11.99